How to set up a new Webstore

  1. Sign in to gloowebstorestaging.com/login
    • Account must be connected to polymer.gloo.us account
    • Account must be a member of a Champion in polymer
    • Account must have Webstore admin access
      • If it does not, please contact us here  
  2. Click the green Add Store button
  3. Click Submit
  4. Land on Edit Store Settings and configure Store Settings:
    • (Optional) Edit subdomain name
    • Enter contact email
    • (Optional) Add logo
      • The logo must be a square image
    • Set up a username that can sign in and onboard new users
      • The user must have a polymer account, with admin Champion access
    • Enter password
      • Password must match the user's polymer password
  5. Configure Payment Settings
    • This is what will show up on buyer's credit card statements
      • Note: There are some limits, due to Stripe documentation
    • Configure Net Revenue Share
      • This is the revenue % Gloo will receive
    • Enter Salesforce contract ID
  6. Click Update
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