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Advanced Invitation Enhancements (10/19/2017)
Champion Mode: Console and Messages (10/03/2017)
New Home (9/26/2017)


Feature Demos and Tutorials

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Overview View
Messages View
Direct Messages View
Collections View
Advanced Content Authoring View
Pages View
Advanced Invitations View
User Invitations (Web) View
User Invitations (Mobile) View
Profile View
Perspective Switching View
Program Settings View
Discover (Mobile) View
Resources (Web) View
Champion Console (Mobile) View


Content Authoring

Title Video Link
Create a Program View
Authoring Navigation View
Media Modules View
Interactive Modules View
Program Preview and Outline View
Assessment Modules View
Curation Modules View 
Prerequisites View
Organize and Publish Programs View
Program Settings View 
Licensed Content View 
Edit Published Programs View 
Archive Programs View


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