Alternative Recommendations for Moments

We removed Moments as a feature in Gloo

Going forward, if you want to use slideshows to champion the growth of another, we recommend using a 3rd party solution called Slidely.


Slidely is a tool that allows a user to select photos and music to create a slideshow or collage. You can either upload photos and music, or import files from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.


Where to use Slidely in Gloo

Once you have created a slideshow in Slidely, you can quickly share the slideshow by copy/pasting the slideshow URL in Gloo. Examples of where to share the URL include:


Need additional help?

To learn more about Slidely, visit If you need help learning how to use Slidely, visit the Slidely Help Center.


To learn more about Moments removal, see our article about Moments Depreciation and Removal.



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