Console Action List (Mobile)

Note: this is a Champion feature. If you are not a member of a Champion, this will not be a feature available to you. Find out more about non-Champion features here!


Console is the frontline Champion's place to invite people into a growth journey, recommend action steps, track progress on those steps, and see what to do next.

Create To-Do's

  1. Tap your avatar (face)
  2. Tap the dropdown arrow next to Account
  3. Tap a Champion Profile
  4. Tap the + sign
  5. Tap Create To-do
  6. Select participants to recommend to
    1. Search by name or email, tap Add or
    2. Scroll connections, tap Add
  7. Tap Add _ People
  8. Tap Add To-do
  9. Type the name of your To-do. The name will show up on the participant's To-do list and the champion's priority cards.
  10. Type a description of the To-do. The description will appear when clicking the To-do (detailed view).
  11. Tap Choose Content to add platform content to the To-do
    1. Search for content
    2. Tap the content to add
  12. Tap Choose Link to add an external link to the To-do
    1. Type or paste in a URL (web address)
    2. Tap Done
  13. Tap Enter Date to assign a date to the To-do
    1. Scroll the calendar and tap a date to select
    2. Tap Done
  14. Tap Done
  15. Add additional To-do's if desired
  16. Tap a Champion Profile to send the To-do on behalf of a Champion
  17. Tap Send

Review Priority Cards

  1. Swipe left to dismiss a card from your stack
  2. Swipe to save the card, and view the next card
  3. Tap the action icon to provide encouragement or a Thumbs Up
  4. Tap the card to view details about the To-do
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