Journey Studio Dashboard

This article introduces you - as the Admin - to navigating the Journey Studio Dashboard, as well as the tools needed to create and maintain your Participant's Growth Plans.

Navigating the Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard for Growth Plans is also your home page when you login. From the Dashboard, you can easily create, share, analyze and monitor Growth Plans from start to finish.

Journey Studio Navigation Bar

The Journey Studio navigation bar allows you to navigate to other Gloo Applications, Question Mark icon and the following pages:

  • Home

    • directs you to the Dashboard home page

  • Drafts

    • Listing of Growth Plans that are composed or distributed

  • Published

    • Active/Current Growth Plans in use by your Participants

  • Archived

    • Prior Growth Plans no longer Active

Search Bar

Search by a Growth Plan and its status by keyword or phrase.

Create Growth Plan Banner

Click the Create Growth Plan button to start authoring your custom Growth Plan.

Overall Performance

An overview showcasing percentage of Growth Steps Taken, Plan Completion Rate, Goal & Impact Achievements - measuring All Time vs. 30 days.

Active Growth Plans

A "swim lane" style banner displays the number of Plan shares and participants, along with the following clickable tiles and buttons:

  • Create New Share

    • Click to create a new share group for the Growth Plan represented in the swim lane

  • Active Growth Plans

    • Clickable tiles detailing active Growth Plan campaign time (start and end dates), bringing you to up-to-date Progress statistics or Preview options

  • View All

    • A button taking you to a clickable tile page, showing ALL active and finished Growth Plans in that particular category - with options to Preview by clicking on the Active Shares Tile.

Recently Added Growth Plans

Another "swim lane" banner featuring three clickable tiles featuring the last three created (and active) Growth Plans.

Gloo Support

Support for you can be found by clicking the Talk Bubble icon on the lower right of the screen, or by the Question icon in the top navigation bar.

If your Participant has questions/concerns about the content of the Growth Plan, they must contact you directly outside Gloo or Journey Studio channels.

If the Participant needs support with the use of Journey Studio or Growth Plans, they can click on the Talk Bubble icon on the screen.

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