Creating & Customizing Growth Plans

Can I set up a share without and end date?

You can't create a Share without an end date. A workaround is can set the end date to have an active plan for as long as you’d like though i.e - 1 year, 5 years etc…

Is there an age requirement?

There's no age limit. If there is an age limit it will be determined by the plan author, but nothing that will prevent someone from taking a growth plan.

Where does my Story of Transformation go? Who sees it?

When you submit a Story of Transformation it will show up for the plan Admin as an anonymous submission. The person that shared the growth plan with you or the Organizations administrator can see the story of transformation. The Admin currently will not be able to view your story in the initial launch, but the story is stored, and viewing will be available soon!

Can I upload my own images into the Growth Plan template?

Currently you cannot upload your own images - this is a feature that will be available soon!

Do I have to set 3 goals for each plan?

Setting goals are optional, but is recommended!

What are Assessments?

Assessments are extensions of applications that are in Gloo's suite of services. Free and subscription based versions of Assessments are available. With your purchase of Journey Studio you automatically have access to all free Assessments available. To learn more about Assessments that are showing up in Journey Studio, visit the Assessment Product from the 9box (between the Question and User Icon) in your top navigation, then click the Library tab on the Assessments page.

How do I configure my Assessments?

You can click into your Assessment by clicking the Assessment Icon in the 9box, then clicking My Assessments. Once on the page, find your desired Assessment to begin configuring or customizing. Or you can click here for an article on Configuring Your Assessment.

Can I link a Growth Plan to another Growth Plan?

You can link growth plans together using the “what’s next” form field. To link growth plans together - you’ll want to draft out your plans - then publish them in reverse order.


Is my data anonymous?

All data is anonymous unless you have given personal consent.

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