You'll be able to quickly and easily create and share growth plans - and create changes or edit using different pathways available in Dashboard.

As the Admin, you will create the Growth Plan in a desktop setting. The Growth Plan is optimized for Participant use on a mobile device. The Growth Plan can be taken on a desktop.

Creating Custom Growth Plans

Navigate to create a custom Growth Plan from the Admin Dashboard by clicking Create button in the banner at the top of the page.

The Create a Growth Plan sequence will feature a mobile device simulation in each step. The mobile device is clickable, and you'll be able to preview in real time how the Growth Plan will look and behave when used by your Participant.

The following sequence of steps brings you through building and publishing a Custom Growth Plan:

  • How to Build a Growth Plan

    • This page will provide an overview of steps and tips on creating an effective Growth Plan

    • The mobile device icon is clickable, and allows you to see how your Participant will interact with the Growth Plan on their device

  • Plan Overview & Adding Images

    • Plan overview permits Admin to add the title, plan description, and adding a image used as backdrop for the interface

    • To add the image, type a term in the image search bar, and select an image that appears below

  • Defining High-Level Goals

    • You can set an unlimited number of goals for the Participant

  • Additional Steps

    • You can add a url link, a customized activity, an Assessment (via Barna Access) or suggest a person-to-person connection

    • Assessments available are limited to free Barna Access content only

    • Access to Assessments from Barna Access + are available via subscription only

  • Call to Action

    • You can add a Message shown to Participant upon completion of the Growth Plan

    • a URL can be added, a prompting Participants to visit upon completion

    • Clicking the Publish button will take you into the publishing sequence, or you can save as draft

  • Preview, Shares, Analyze & New Share

    • The Preview tab can be clicked and shows a full mobile preview of the Growth Plan as it will be seen by Participants

    • The Shares tab will show how many times and audiences the Growth Plan has been sent to

    • The New Share button

  • New Share

    • Click the New Share button will allow the Admin to share the Growth Plan to different audiences with the following information:

      • Welcome Message

      • Active Dates

      • What's Next (URL Share)

      • URL Description

      • Click the Set Up button to Share

      • A Shareable Link to the Growth Plan will be at the top right of the window, and can be sent to Participants by the Admin

When the Participant receives the shareable link, they will be asked to set up a Gloo Account with a Gloo ID. The Participant's Gloo account WILL NOT be associated with an organization, and is a standalone ID.

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