Receiving an Assessment Invitation

There are three ways to receive an invitation to an Assessment:

  • Hyperlink

    • Click on or paste the link into a web browser on any computer or mobile device

  • Text Code

    • Text Message the provided Title Code to the provided five digit number

    • You will receive a clickable link that will open in your mobile browser

    • This feature is only available if you have a U.S. phone number

  • QR Code

    • Scan the QR code using the camera on a smartphone (or web-enabled mobile tablet with camera) and the Assessment should open automatically.

  • Growth Plan Embed

    • In the Journey Studio application, a Growth Plan can link the Participant to take an Assessment

Taking an Assessment

Whether you follow the URL Link, use Text Code, QR Code or Growth Plan link, you will be directed to the Assessment welcome page. Click Start Assessment to begin.

Assessment results are always anonymous, however some Assessments require you to enter your First Name, Last Name and Email address before clicking Continue.

Question Formatting & Options

Once you are in the Assessment, question formats and answer options will vary so it is critical that you read each response carefully. Tap or click on the response that best represents how you feel and the Assessment will automatically more to the next question.

At any time, you can change a response by scrolling up, your responses aren't recorded until tap or click Continue at the end of the Assessment. After you have responded to every question or statement click or tap Continue.

Assessment Completion

There are a few different outcomes that happen once you have completed your Assessment based on how it was configured by the Administrator:

  • If no Next Step have been assigned you will land on a page thanking you for participating in the Assessment.

  • If a default Next Step has been assigned, you will be directed to additional content that will be relevant to the Assessment but not mapped to your individual results.

  • If a custom Next Step has been assigned, you will be directed to a graph and content that relates specifically to the way you answered the Assessment.

  • If you are taking the Assessment inside a Growth Plan in Journey Studio you will be redirected back to your Growth Plan (unless any of the above options are configured for you).

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