Participating in a Growth Plan Overview

Growth Journeys are optimized for you to use on a computer or mobile device.

Logging In

  • You'll be invited to take the Growth Plan through a Shareable Link sent by your organization's Admin.

  • When you click/tap the Shareable Link, you'll be asked to set up a Gloo Account, and then log into the Journey Studio Participant Dashboard.

Plan Overview

The Plan Overview gives you all the information you'll need to see the Growth Plan description, completion goal dates, and steps to take in the Growth Plan.


Goals are set up by the Admin and you can set custom goals as well.

  • Participant Adding Custom Goal

    • The Other click box can be tapped/clicked, allowing you to set your own goals in addition to the choices presented by the Growth Plan admin

  • Adding Notes

    • By clicking/tapping the Add Note button you can enter in notes only you can read

    • When the Save Note button is clicked/tapped, the note will be saved to the Step, and a Bookmark icon will permanently appear over the step tile


Steps are set by the Admin for you to follow in order to complete your Growth Plan. Click/tap the carrot icon on the step tile, and then click/tap the Take Step button to begin the Step. There are four different categories of steps you can take:

  • Digital Link

    • a clickable URL can be offered by the Admin for you to visit

  • Activity

    • a customized step involving a set activity for the you to enact

  • Assessment

    • When the Assessment (taken outside the Journey Studio URL) is completed, the Participant can then easily return to the Journey Studio page

  • Connection

    • A meeting set by the Admin for you

Step Completion

  • At the end of each step, you'll be asked to confirm the completion of each step, and can click a button to Need More Time or Finish Step

  • When the Growth Plan is complete, you can click/tap the goals, then click the Finish Plan button

Rate This Growth Plan

Once the Finish Plan button is tapped/clicked, you'll be brought to a page allowing you to rate the Growth Plan or share a story of your experience int he Growth Plan.

  • Rating

    • Click/tap to rank according to growth and effectiveness

  • Sharing an Impact Story

    • You can anonymously share their story with the Admin by typing your story in the text box

Getting Support

  • If you have any questions about the content of the Growth Plan, you must contact the Admin directly - outside Gloo or Journey Studio channels

  • If you need support with the use of Journey Studio or Growth Plans, click on the Talk Bubble icon on the screen

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