Within the Gloo and Barna Access Plus environments, there are three standard role types. The role permissions for each type are detailed below.

Org Admin Role

The Org Admin role has the most access, allowing users to manage an organization’s profile, locations, and users, including inviting new users and setting user roles.

The Org Admin can also generally view and use all capabilities with the Gloo apps such as Barna Access Plus, Assessments, etc, including viewing PII information about their members if applicable.The Org Admin can make purchases on behalf of an organization, view invoices, and manage subscriptions and payment methods.

Staff Member Role

The Staff Member role provides access to view most content and most apps on the Gloo platform. Staff Members cannot view PII information about their members if applicable, except in the Assessments application if PII collection is optionally enabled.Staff Members also have view-only access to an organization's profile and users.

Viewer Role

When a user requests to join an Organization, they are granted limited access until their request is granted to become an Org Admin or Staff Member. They will also have access to subscribed services such as Barna Access Plus.Note for Insights Subscribers: A Viewer cannot upload, view, or edit 1st party audiences.

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