Sending Encouragement & Stories of Transformation

This article will help you (as the Admin or Participant) send an email of encouragement from inside the Journey Studio platform, or submit an anonymous story of Transformation once the Participant has completed their Growth Journey.

Encouraging Participants

Encouraging Participants is a key feature in helping the you as the Admin connect to the Participant while taking the Growth Plan, and allowing the Participant to feel encouraged during the process. You can send a direct message of encouragement to the Participant's personal email account inside the Journey Studio platform by doing the following:

  1. From the Admin Dashboard page, navigate to the Growth Plan swim lane and click a Growth Plan tile

  2. On the Progress Analysis page, the Admin clicks on the progress bar in the Step Completion table, and a Send Encouragement pop out drawer will appear on the right

  3. Admin will fill in the appropriate fields and text to send to the following categories:

    • Participants Not Started

    • Participants In Progress

    • Participants Completed

  4. Once the Admin fills in the text, they will click the Cancel button to cancel or close out the action, or Submit button to send out the message to the Participants' registered email address

Encouragement Status

To see the status of Encouragement messages on the Progress Data page, roll the cursor (not click) over on the progress bar in the Step Completion table. A window appears showing the following:

  • Number of Participants

  • Encouragement Sent

  • Encouragement Opened

Stories of Transformation

When the Participant has completed the Growth Plan, they have an option in the Rating window to enter in an anonymous Story of Transformation regarding their journey in taking the plan.

Currently, the Participant will be able to submit the story anonymously, however the Admin will not be able to access the story during the initial season of the release. The story will be saved in the Gloo system.

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