You now have access to manage your payments and subscriptions through Stripe. Navigate to your billing portal from Gloo directly by clicking on your Organization name in the left sidebar and visiting My Account.

The portal to your Stripe account is at the bottom of the page.

To manage billing for different organizations, navigate to the respective organization you would like to edit under My Account in the left sidebar. After selecting, choose the Billing tab and visit your Stripe management portal.

Subscription & Billing Portal

As a Gloo subscriber, it's important for you and your organization to have transparency to your billing and subscription status. The following information outlines the Subscription and Billing Dashboard in Stripe. Should you still need help, don't hesitate to contact Gloo Support here.


You have three subscription and billing management options on your Stripe portal: Current Plan, Payment Method and Billing History.

  • Current Plan shows you the name of any of your current subscriptions.

  • Payment Method allows you to see and manage your current method of payment.

  • Billing History displays any charges that you have accrued in the past through purchasing.

Current Plan

You will see any plans that you are currently subscribed to listed under Current Plan. If you wish to cancel at any time, you can click the button Cancel Plan. This will allow you to easily cancel your desired subscription.

If you do not currently have any subscriptions, you will see the message No current plans. To add a plan, navigate to the Gloo homepage and enroll.

Payment Method

You can update your payment method at any point by adding a new payment method or removing the existing one. To remove an existing payment method, simply click the X next to that payment method. To add a new payment method, simply click the + Add Payment Method.

Billing History

Billing History will display all of your subscription purchases that you have accrued across time.

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