Analyzing Growth Plans

This article describes the process of navigating and understanding the Progress Data page - featuring completion data and metrics of your Participants' Growth Plan progress.

Progress Analysis

Progress analysis for active Growth Plans are found two ways using the Active Growth Plan swim lane:

First Option

From the Dashboard, take the following steps:

  • Click the View All button, and you're taken to clickable tiles representing each Plan Share

  • Clicking on each growth plan tile brings you to Progress Analysis page

Second Option

  • From the Dashboard, click on the Growth Plan tile in the swim lane, and you're is taken to Progress Analysis page

  • The single share analysis displays data for each share grouping, and shows completion metrics in the following categories:

    • Active Participants

    • Plan Completions

    • Time Left

    • Plan Duration

    • Step by Step Completion

    • Interactions with Growth Plan by Time of Day

      • Table shows Steps Started and Steps Completed when the cursor scrolls over the time period bar

Shareable URL

  • The Progress Analysis page features a Shareable URL of the Growth Plan - and the Configure button: where you can edit the Growth Plan title, welcome message, dates, and a url

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