Personal Growth

We often talk about positive or negative growth, it is best to avoid those terms and to use the idea of expanding.

Growth Journey

Any series of actions that move people through Personal Growth within a specific context. These can be self-directed or guided.

Growth Opportunity

A time in a person’s life that causes them to be more open to catalytic energy and therefore growth, e.g. First year of college, newly married, recently divorced, first-time parents.

Growth Journey Data

Data that provides evidence of the activity and progression of a person in a particular area of their lives. The Growth Plan promises to unlock this data and provide new capabilities to create more of this data.

Growth Catalyst

Any object that a person can interact with along a Growth Journey that can have an impact on that person’s Personal Growth, e.g. Event, Book, Video, Face to Face Meeting, Assessments or Surveys.

Growth Plan

A set of Growth Catalysts and defined path through those catalysts that can be leveraged to move a person along in an area of personal aspiration**.** Includes goals for individuals going through the Growth Plan, Growth Steps, and a call-to-action at the end to further direct the Participant to their next action.

Growth Plan Deployment

Also referred to as a “Share” is an instance of a Growth Plan that has been opened up to a group of Participants who can then access the Growth Plan and work their way through it.

Growth Action

Create or recommend a personalized and informed connection between a person and an Action Item to move the individual in pursuit of an aspiration.

Growth Indicator

A rollup measure that takes into account multiple growth signals and other discrete measures to create a unique insight into the current state of a person’s growth with a Growth Dimension.

Growth Dashboard

A Dashboard within Journey Studios, available to the Journey Studio Admin. These Dashboards will provide Insights, show Progress, and suggest relevant Action items to take.

Growth Journey Framework

A set of processes, best practices and tools that allow organizations to implement their journeys, programs or curriculum into Journey Studio or Gloo applications. This allows the tracking of progress for people in Growth Journeys. Among other data components, the framework includes Assessments, Growth Plans and Growth Analysis.

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