Dashboard Overview

The Participant Dashboard allows the you as to see your User Settings, Current Plans, Accomplishments (badges), and completed Past Plans.

Journey Studios is optimized for you - as the Participant - to use on a mobile device. If you prefer, your Growth Plan can be taken on a desktop.

User Settings

Your User settings are located in the upper right corner of the screen, by clickable User icon. Navigation options are:

  • My Dashboard (your main landing page after login)

  • Past Plans

  • Notification Settings

    • Alerts you on your device when progess or changes are made

  • FAQ

  • Log Out

Current Plans

Tile icons representing active Growth Plans, allowing the Participant to tap/click and go directly to the Growth Plan overview page.


Auto generated badge tiles showing achievements, completions, and statistic-based recognition.

Past Plans

Click/tap Tile icons represent completed Growth Plans, allowing the Participant to access prior Growth Plan goals, notes, ratings and statistics.

Getting Support

If the Participant has questions about the content of the Growth Plan, they must contact the Admin directly outside Gloo or Journey Studio channels.

If the Participant needs support with the use of Journey Studio or Growth Plans, they can click on the Talk Bubble icon on the screen.

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